The completed draft Plan has been sent to Stratford-on-Avon District Council who have kindly offered to carry out an informal review of the entire plan.

We don’t know how long this will take but meanwhile we are preparing the formal consultation process under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. This will obviously include public meetings for residents as well as interested parties such as utilities, the County Council, Severn Trent Water, BT and others, all of whom must be consulted.

The Plan document has many photos, maps and charts and is obviously large. We will have it available to be viewed on the website as soon as certain technical issues have been resolved. Hard copies will be available at the appropriate time.
We hope you will study the plan and be ready to give your views.

Thank you very much to the 281 residents who completed the recent questionnaire, 273 online 8 via hard copy.  By the time you read this the responses will have been collated and analysed and the draft Plan will be near completion. Meanwhile the website has been updated and some additional information added.  As soon as we are ready to move to the next stage in the process we will keep you fully informed.

Please read and action.

The last time we asked for your views on the Neighbourhood Plan was in November 2019. Assessments on Local Green Spaces and possible Development Sites have been completed and these can be viewed at www.TredingtonNP.co.uk. The Plan itself is almost complete. We need to ask you about parts of the Plan so we can finish the job.

Please go to the questionnaire. If you can, please complete it on line. It asks for your Post Code only.

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan continues, although progress is severely constrained by the current Covid restrictions.  Consultants are preparing the final versions of their reports on Local Green Spaces and Potential Development Sites. While the reports generally agree with the Neighbourhood Plan Group’s position, we need to talk to the District Council planners to try to resolve differences where they occur.