Stratford District Council’s Site Allocations Plan (SAP)

The Site Allocations Plan, SAP specifies the need for “Reserve Housing Sites” across the District to: meet any additional need for housing in relation to a net growth in jobs, for example, at Jaguar Land Rover: contribute to meeting any identified shortfall in housing across the Coventry and Warwickshire Housing Market Assessment (HMA); contribute to meeting any housing needs arising outside the Coventry and Warwickshire HMA.

Site Allocations Plan (SAP) – Proposed Submission, July 2019

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is surprised to discover that the District Council is allocating several sites in Newbold-on-Stour and Tredington for possible development involving large numbers of dwellings.

We understand that property owners near the proposed sites have received letters regarding the proposals in the SAP.

The minimum number of dwellings proposed is 51 on three sites in Newbold-on-Stour, 15 in Tredington. The maximum is significantly more.

The recent workshops were attended by more than 60 people over the two days. The aim of the workshops was to seek opinion on the “call for sites”. The ‘Call’ produced three in Tredington and none in Newbold-on-Stour, the only two ‘Local Service Villages’ in the Parish. The sites will be subject to “Assessment” carried out by an independent Planning Consultant and will inform the plan making process and whether there are any sites allocated within it. In due course the assessments will be published as part of the evidence base of the Plan.

The two workshops at the WI Hall in Tredington on 7th and 8th June were very well attended.

Thankyou to all residents who came along.

The responses to the survey questionnaires have been analysed. The Group will now seek advice from our Planning Consultant on the next steps.

The ‘Call for Sites’ elicited a total of five responses: 3 in Tredington, 2 in Blackwell: none in Newbold-on-Stour.

Blackwell is not a ‘Service Village’ and accordingly matters relating to housing development in Blackwell, as well as in Darlingscott and Armscote, are outside the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan and the two Blackwell land owners concerned will be informed accordingly.

Three residents attended the meeting on 7th March and all made helpful contributions, including stressing the importance of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The chairman reported that there had been no responses to the ‘call for sites’. The closing date for responses is 15th March.

Tredington Parish Community Organisations

Tredington Parish embraces a number of organisations and facilities, all of which help foster warm community relations. In many cases, funding is supported either by voluntary fund-raising projects and events organised by residents and members, or by the generosity of local sponsors, private donors and businesses.  Below is a list of the organisations the Neighbourhood Plan Group has interviewed. The import of the meetings has been carefully documented and will be retained as part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base.

During the last few weeks we have contacted community groups: village halls, churches, sports clubs, the school, etc to learn about their hopes and aspirations, and the challenges they face. This has been a helpful and rewarding task.

In particular a meeting with the Head Teacher of Newbold and Tredington Primary School raised several issues and concerns. A primary task of the Steering Committee will be to try and find solutions.

Also, during recent weeks our photographer has been busy in the villages.

Our Planning Consultant, Neil Pearce (Avon Planning Servcies Ltd.), attended our Steering Committee meeting on 10th October.

The group has decided on the main headings and sub-headings of the plan based on the residents’ and Business questionnaire results.