Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The first full draft of the Plan is now available on the following pages. It sets out the policies we are proposing to residents. The responses to the 2021 questionnaire have been incorporated. The Plan has been passed to Stratford-on-Avon District Council for review and an assessment as to whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment is required. Once this process is complete, changes to the current version of the Plan will almost certainly be required.

Providing we agree with the District Council’s comments they will be included in the final draft which will be placed on the web site. The plan will then be made available to residents and businesses, as well as other interested parties, at a number of public meetings. This will be part of the Regulation 14 consultation process, which lasts six weeks, when you will be asked to comment on the final draft. Hard copies will be made available for those who wish to comment but are unable to access the internet.

The purpose of publishing the plan at this stage is to INFORM; your opportunity to COMMENT will come at the formal consultation stage.