Tredington Parish Neighbourhood Plan


The final draft of the Plan is now available on the following pages.  It sets out policies on planning matters across the Parish, which have been developed through informal consultation during the past four years.  The Plan has been reviewed by Stratford-on-Avon District Council and they have indicated that a Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required. 

Under Regulation 14, the Parish Council is required to formally consult with all residents and other interested parties and seek their endorsement, or otherwise, of the Plan.  The consultation period started on 10th January and will end at 5pm on 21st February. An online questionnaire is available on this site along with a copy of the Plan and its appendices; all residents are requested to complete the questionnaire within the consultation period.

Once a further consultation, managed by the District Council, has been completed, the Plan is passed to a Planning Inspector for approval.  The final stage is a referendum of all residents in the Parish before the Plan is finally approved. Once the Plan is approved, the District Council have a statutory obligation to consult the Plan when considering planning applications within the Parish.  It is, therefore, crucial that you participate in the current consultation and ensuing processes.