The story so far...

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan continues, although progress is severely constrained by the current Covid restrictions.  Consultants are preparing the final versions of their reports on Local Green Spaces and Potential Development Sites. While the reports generally agree with the Neighbourhood Plan Group’s position, we need to talk to the District Council planners to try to resolve differences where they occur. 

Following the recommendations of our independent planning consultants, and the clearly expressed views of residents, the Clerk to Tredington Parish Council has written to the landowners of sites that the Neighbourhood Plan group considers appropriate to be designated as Local Green Spaces. The landowners have been invited to respond within 21 days.

Local Green Spaces must be approved by both the Independent Examiner, the District Council and, of course, residents who will be consulted further when circumstances permit.

The Group’s grant application has been approved by Locality in its entirety.

Site assessments are now being carried out. A total of 16 Green Spaces, including, for example, churchyards, are being assessed by our Planning Consultant who will help us make a case for preserving these important sites. The Planning Consultancy appointed by Locality is assessing the whole Parish, especially the two Local Service Villages, to consider, in the light of all the development that has recently happened and is happening, whether the group’s very modest proposals in regard to further development are appropriate and can be supported.

Once these assessments have been done the draft plan can be completed and will be put to the District Council for preliminary analysis before being presented to you, the residents, for consideration.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has been doing as much as could be done during the last few months. Finalising 80% of the draft plan, reporting to the organisation that funds Neighbourhood Plans and applying for further grant funding to finish the job.

There will be further public meetings, when they are possible, so that you can help us complete the remaining 20% of the draft plan.

If you want to be involved please contact Nigel Willis: or Sally Ward: